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Episode 62: Wonder Venoms - (1:24:18) 115.79 MB
This episode we give our thoughts on Wonder Woman as well as our hopes for the Venom film. We talk portential Bat wedding bells and the fallout of The Button.

Episode 61: Guardians of the Trailer - (55:58) 76.87 MB
This week we talk all the latest torrential down pour of trailers as well as our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 7 - (58:23) 80.2 MB
This episode we discuss the latest Nintendo console that is the Switch and its flagship title, Breath of the Wild.

Episode 60: Getting X Rated - (1:08:23) 31.3 MB
As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we've missed. We get deep with all the Batman silliness, talk our hopes for Aquaman and discuss the Xmen Movie-verse as Logan bears down on us and Legion takes us on a trip.

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 6 - (1:04:18) 29.44 MB
For the first Blown Cartridges of 2017 we are looking at all the Switch and Nintendo goodness that came out of their Switch Treehouse event.

Episode 59: That Wookie Needs Pants - (59:09) 27.08 MB
This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.

Episode 58: Nogcast 3 - With 20% More Dried Egg Powder - (1:51:48) 51.18 MB
We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 5 - (52:54) 24.22 MB
This month we talk Pokemon Sun/Moon and Final Fantasy XV

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 4 - (50:49) 23.27 MB
The Switch is revealed! We finally know what Nintendo's new console is and we talk all about it here. We also talk Dark Souls 3 DLC, Bloodborne and Skyrim remastered.

Episode 57: Old Man Llama - (59:24) 27.2 MB
This week we catch up on Attack on Titan, talk comics and Logan and Guardians teasers

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 3 - (57:19) 26.24 MB
Talking demos this month as one of the guys got hands on with the new Zelda, Gears of War 4, For Honor and much more. We also talk about the latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, and introduce our first guest segment from Randy of Grawlix Podcast fame.

Episode 56: No Bad Guys Were Harmed in the Making of This Podcast - (58:58) 27 MB
We're back after a small absence and a ready to get caught up.

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges Vol. 2 - (50:09) 22.96 MB
This month we talk No Mans Sky, Telltales Batman and the new Rise of Iron details

Episode 55: The Good, The Bad and The Squad - (1:09:37) 31.88 MB
Talking Comic-Con 2016 and Suicide Squad.

FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges Vol. 1 - (54:01) 24.73 MB
In the first official episode of Blown Cartridges we talk Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Go.

Episode 54: Taut Bat-Butt - (1:08:34) 31.39 MB
This week we are back to business as we talk the BvS Ultimate Edition the the current state of the DC Rebirth-verse. Spoilers, we donât like one of them.

Episode 53: Saga of a Llama - (56:06) 25.68 MB
It's story time with Captain Llama as Will solo's this episode to read and discuss Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Episode 52: Back Door Pilot - (54:18) 24.86 MB
This week we introduce our new video game podcast (name TBD). We talk about gaming news and give our thoughts on games we are playing and like.

Episode 51: Toilet Training Baby Darkside - (48:50) 22.36 MB
This week we wrap on Flash, Arrow and Legends finale as well as the beginning of a new age in Rebirth.

Episode 50: Video For Your Ears - (1:04:17) 29.43 MB
All the sweet audio content from our 50th without the chore of looking at our faces. We talk Civil War, Doctor Strange and Rogue One Trailer as well as all the comic news we could fit into 20 minutes.

Episode 49.1: A Feast of Bros - (1:05:24) 29.94 MB
We return for the second part of our Game of Thrones special episodes. We get caught up on the characters we missed last time as well as look ahead to the new series. We also find time to talk about some important factoids from the books that will play a big roll in the series as we push.

Episode 49: DC Comics Afterbirth - (1:11:47) 32.86 MB
With the Rebirth of the DC universe coming up, we dip into all the titles and news that has been announced. For the first time ever on FaCL we also follow through on a promise and do our recaps of both Daredevil Season 2 and Walking Dead.

Episode 48: Doomsday Is Smooth All Over - (1:14:01) 33.89 MB
BvS is here and everyone has an opinion, including us. We talk what we liked and didn't like about the showdown of the century.

Episode 47: Marvel Manslaughter - (1:08:15) 31.24 MB
This week we talk about the BvS directors cut getting an R rating, who is and is not a murderer in the MCU and we check in with what is going on in the DC Berlanti-verse.

Episode 46: The Movie With a Mouth - (54:30) 24.95 MB
Deadpool has risen and it is good. We take a visit to Earth-2 and like what we see and talk the impending Flash/Supergirl crossover. The final trailer for BvS drops and we are mighty pleased at what we see.

Episode 45: DC's Llamas of Tomorrow - (1:09:35) 31.85 MB
The return of Flash, Arrow and Supergirl gives us plenty to talk about as well as the beginning of a little show called DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Episode 44: Bat-cop? Gord-bat? Jim-man? - (1:05:04) 29.79 MB
This weeks episode is a real mixed bag of lollies as we talk through the premise for Civil War 2, the new details and images around Dr Strange, our excitement regarding Black Panther comic and movie (though we couldn't tell you anything about the guy writing it), the climax of the long delayed Secret Wars and whats ahead for DC comics in 2016.

Episode 43: Fatboy Awakens - (1:19:50) 36.55 MB
The last podcast of 2015 (though it's come out in 2016, go team!) and we are here to talk our impressions on the powerhouse that is The Force Awakens.

Episode 42: Nogcast 2 - Thicker and Creamier - (2:04:14) 56.88 MB
As Christmas nears so does the annual Nogcast. In this extra large episode we talk about the Nogcast's of years past, all the juicy nerd news we can find and do a healthy runs down of Attack on Titan for those that are fans.

Episode 41: Looney Doom Babies - (1:02:57) 28.82 MB
The latest BvS trailer is here, but has it given away too much? The Flarrow crossover has us ready for Legends and Telltale has a new game with a familiar Dark Knight.

Episode 40: AKA Butt Stuff - (1:10:44) 32.38 MB
This week we take a look at Marvels Jessica Jones and DKIII as well as taking a stroll into the DC TV-verse.

Episode 39: Preaching - (1:02:21) 28.55 MB
Where we realise we know nothing about Preacher and The Last of Us Leaves a hero rattled.

Episode 38: The Grayson of it All - (1:15:15) 34.45 MB
This week Star Wars mania has truly awakened, we talk the goings on of our favourite comic based TV series including: Walking Dead, Arrow and Flash. We also get a very surprising interpretation of The Dark Knight Returns from one of our hosts.

Episode 37: The Butterfly Scare - (54:13) 24.82 MB
This week we track out into the wilderness of the courtyard to have a chat about the premier episodes of Flash and Arrow, the changes taking place in the bat universe and all the rumours fit to print!

Episode 36.1: A Song of Spoilers and Speculations - (49:28) 22.65 MB
For this first in a series of special episodes we discuss the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones now that Fatboy has taken some time off from fighting food crime to catch up. Spoilers are in bountiful supply for this episode so be wary.

Episode 36: Captain Llama - Terminator of Ignorance - (1:08:18) 31.27 MB
This week we talk the latest movies rumours regarding the blue and the gold, whats going on in the trailers for Arrow and Flash and make some super inappropriate jokes about our favourite Batman creator.

Episode 35: Our Brains are Arkham Knight on PC. Broken. - (46:09) 21.13 MB
This week a very precious Fatboy and Captain Llama bring the noise and the funk as we talk all the news around Arrow season 4. We also have another good chat regarding casting for BvS, Walking Dead and Flash. We also managed to get some comic talk in there also.

Episode 34: Comics Catch Up - (1:15:50) 34.72 MB
It's finally time for Uncle Fatboy and the good Captain to get caught up on whats been going on in comics, specifically this episode we go into Batman, Justice League and Secret Wars. We also revisit fantastic train wreck that the Fantastic Four has become.

Episode 33: Reed Richards has no Butthole - (1:14:27) 34.08 MB
With the release of the new Fantastic Four and Justice League: Gods and Monsters we have plenty to talk about this week. So tune in and find out what we think of these two new releases.

Episode 32: Comic-Con Trailer Hoedown - (1:08:21) 31.29 MB
This time around we are talking Comic-Con 2015. We have a look at BvS, Deadpool, X-men and Suicide Squad trailers as well as our Antman review

Episode 31: E3-qual - (1:08:19) 31.28 MB
This week on FaCL we are talking E3 news and our first impressions of Arkham Knight. We also get into some BvS rumours and talk All-New, All-Different Marvel.

Episode 30: Dirty 30 - (1:02:12) 28.47 MB
This week it's Batman #41, Punisher in Daredevil and the new Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles.

Episode 29: Welcome to the Recapitorium - (1:38:42) 45.19 MB
Sunrise, sunset on another season of Arrow and the first season of Flash. Tune in as we recap the highs and lows of both seasons and look forward as to what next season may bring.

Episode 28: Keeping It Tight - (1:20:41) 36.94 MB
The latest episode of FaCL is here. This week we talk endings and new possibilities as we talk in detail about Age of Ultron and Batman #40. We also break down the new Suicide Squad images that have popped up.

Episode 27: BvS, You Tease - (1:07:20) 30.82 MB
The boys are back and ready to dish the nerd news. This week we breakdown the BvS teaser and talk all the leaks taking place currently. We catch up with Arrow, Flash and Walking dead, give our review of the new Batman vs Robin animated movie and talk a disappointing end to a favourite hero

Episode 26.1: The Eternal Review - (1:11:52) 32.9 MB
We promised we would and here it is, the overview and review of the year long Batman Eternal. We go into a lot of detail as we try to remember all the plot points from the last year so obvious spoilers ahead for those still wanting to read this series

Episode 26: Fatboy and Captain Llama - Year One - (1:32:41) 42.43 MB
Itâs hear FaCL fans! This episode marks one full year of podcasting and as a result we give you and oversized episode full of nerdy good bits. This week we spin a yarn about the year that was and delve deep into the penultimate issue of Eternal, talk about who is coming to the party in all-new all-different Avengers and talk at length about the last few weeks of Arrow and Flash. So tune in and enjoy!

Episode 25: Robo-Bunny-Bat V Casual Superman - (1:10:14) 32.16 MB
This week, our resident Fatboy gets irate about Superman's new appearance and we chat about all the post convergence costume changes. We poorly summarise Hickman's avengers run, Miles sprint to the finish line and get caught up on Walking Dead. We also sprinkle in some extra TV and Movie news for good measure.

Episode 24: Uniting The Grey Scale - (1:13:51) 33.81 MB
This week we catch up on the latest Flash and Arrow episodes as well as predict where the shows can go too from here, discuss the latest trial in Bruce Wayne's life in Batman #39, Will gives his very poor summary of Attach on Titan and we pick apart the Aquaman reveal.

Episode 23: The Prodigal Spider Returns - (53:52) 24.66 MB
Big news with the return of Spiderman to the MCU, and Fatboy and Captain Llama are here to tell you all about it. Also this episode: the final threat in Batman Eternal revealed? (maybe, we can never tell), our dismay at the Atom costume and a sensual reading from the blog "50 Shades of MODOK".

Episode 22: How to Survive being Stabbed in the Chest - The Green Arrow Story - (1:14:53) 34.28 MB
This week we discuss the new Fantastic 4 teaser, casting for X-Men: Apocalypse, new Doctor Strange Rumours and we catch up on the Flash and Arrow after their break.

Episode 21: The Taylor Kitsch Movie - (1:07:51) 31.07 MB
Welcome to the second episode of the new year. This week we talk about spin-offs, release dates, bitchin' trailers and bad ass cliffhangers.

Episode 20: (Batman) Eternal Twists - (1:07:14) 30.78 MB
Welcome to the first episode of the new year! This episode we look ahead for the year to come, discuss the recent developments in the Batman universe and continue to question the Will Arnett sandwich. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 19: The Nog-Cast - (42:16) 19.35 MB
Merry Christmas FaCL-ers! Stuff this new episode in your stockings and listen to us blabber about all the comic news that came out over the last few weeks.

Episode 18: Mid-Season Round up - (1:06:26) 30.42 MB
This week it is all TV all the time as we talk about all the mid-season finales from all the comic book shows

Episode 17: Aaaaand we're back - (1:18:01) 35.72 MB
After various exciting, sexy and dangerous adventures in space our heroic duo, Fatboy and Captain Llama, return to earth. On their triumphant return our heroes found that though it had only been two weeks for them in space more than 5 weeks had past on earth. So settle in and enjoy as we run through what has been happening in the world of comics, movies and TV.

Episode 16: Mr Marvels Tantalising Teasers - (1:08:41) 31.45 MB
It was a big two weeks for marvel with massive announcements on their Phase 3 titles and what could be their most ambitious comic event, Secret Wars. Tune in to hear the FaCL team discuss this, and more.

Episode 15: Comic-Con Blow Out - (1:07:40) 30.98 MB
This week the FaCL friends talk about all the big announcements from Comic-Con as well as the premiere of The Flash and the return of this podcasts favourite show, Arrow.

Episode 14: The Destiny Distraction - (1:02:36) 28.66 MB
After a short hiatus we are back and popping! Tune is as we get caught up on the newest announcements from the TV-verse, including our thoughts on the upcoming Supergirl and Titans TV series. We also get down into the minutia of the last three weeks of comics. So Tune in and enjoy and keep your ears pealed for some upcoming special episodes

Episode 13: The Forgotten Episode - (57:12) 26.19 MB
Titled as much mostly because we keep forgetting to post it! This episode we get into all the new announcements. From confirmation on the Dwayne Johnson/Shazam film casting, Donald Glover Spiderman news, the Aquaman scripts and a run down on some of the comics we have been reading up on. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can get a download of this podcast through iTunes or Podbean

Episode 12: Exploring the Multiversity - (1:03:24) 29.03 MB
It's been a while since we spent much time getting deep into the comics so this episode we endeavour to rectify that by blasting your ear holes with all the goodness that has come out recently. So on the menu today is a nice, big steak of Multiversity discussion, with a little Final Crisis sauce on top, with a side salad of The Wake by Scott Snyder along with a peppering of Batman Eternal, Futures End and news regarding Marvels next event, Axis.

Episode 11: So You Think You Can Groot - (1:06:21) 30.38 MB
Guardians of the Galaxy came out, and it rocks. We get right into what we thought of the movie as well as talking about new plot details regarding Batman v Superman and is Ultimate Peter Parker back from the dead? Who knows for sure, but listen in as we speculate wildly.

Episode 10: Comic-con Extravaganza - (1:25:37) 39.2 MB
Comic-con has come again and Fatboy and Captain Llama have all the latest news. In a special extended episode we go over all the announcements and news that have come out since comic-con started. As always we also go over the latest releases in comics from the last week. Happy listening! Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Episode 9: Fatboy and Captain Llama - The Musical - (1:07:41) 30.99 MB
In the latest instalment of Fatboy and Captain Llama we discuss the newest casting announcements for DC's various TV franchises, the new details for Avengers: Age of Ultron that have been released as well as the goings on over at Marvel after some big announcements recently as new heroes pick up the shield and hammer. We also debut our brand spanking new theme song! Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Episode 8: Chin guards - the must have accessory for the modern hero - (59:16) 27.14 MB
This week in the FaCL kitchen of justice we get down and dirty into new BvS news and photos as well as casting for Arrow and new comics that are on the horizon over at DC.

Episode 7:Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson of Eternity - (1:03:44) 29.18 MB
It's mostly movie talk this week as we delve deep into leaked WB movie timeline, give a belated review of Days of Future Past and a slew of casting rumours from both Marvel and DC camps.

Episode 6.1: Captain Llama does E3 - (28:23) 13 MB
For this special sub-episode Will is going solo to talk a little about E3 which happened just last week. Going over some of the games that were announced that caught his fancy. If you are disappointed we are only covering games this week never fear, FaCL will be back at the end of the week to cover the last two weeks in comics and movie mayhem.

Episode 6: (Not) Forever Evil - (1:03:39) 29.14 MB
In this instalment of Fatboy and Captain Llama we talk about the final issue of Forever Evil, recent issues that have come out, the most recent casting news from the Marvel camp and much (a little) more. So tune in and enjoy. (For previous episodes visit out site: